What is the size of the dive groups and how long can I dive?

For the accompanied groups, we place great emphasis on keeping the groups small and dividing them by experience level. The dive time for most of the dives is 60 minutes or 50 bar. The buddy teams are deliberately put together by experience and air consumption of the divers, so that everyone can "get their money's worth".

How deep can I dive?

Scuba Divers are limited to a depth of 12 meters, Open Water Divers and 1-star divers to 18 meters. Divers with Advanced or 2-star training are allowed to dive up to 30 meters in Malta, those with deep diving training up to 40 meters.

How often can I dive and how much time should I plan for my dives?

We offer both shore and boat diving trips. The time when the trips start depends on the distance to the dive sites. Generally we always offer a two-tank-dive in the morning. Most of the time we are back at lunchtime. This means that you could also use the afternoon for a cultural or relaxation program. On request we also offer a third or a single dive in the afternoon. Of course we also offer night dives on a regular basis.

What are the requirements to see a wreck in Malta?

Since most of the wrecks in Malta are deeper than 20 meters, proof of deep diving experience is required to dive these wrecks. In Malta there is a legal regulation that Open Water divers / 1-star divers are only allowed to dive to a maximum depth of 20 meters. All divers who want to dive beyond the 20 meter margin need a higher certification like the Advanced Diver (incl. Deep Dive), 2-Star Diver or a Deep Dive Specialty.

Which dive sites will be visited?

The great location of our dive center and the possibility to dive from shore as well as from our boat, allows us to offer about 30 different dive spots. However, the diveability of these sites depends on the daily wind and wave situation. Usually the dive sites are decided two days in advance and but sometimes are confirmed or can be changed due to weather conditions on the day. Of course we always try to offer a varied program for every diver and try to meet individual wishes.

Do the compressed air cylinders on site have a DIN or INT connection?

Our compressed air cylinders are all equipped with DIN valves. However, we have sufficient INT adapters in stock.

Can I dive with Nitrox?

Our diving center has a Nitrox filling system. If you are trained as a Nitrox diver, we are happy to offer you Nitrox fills. Please let us know your request at check-in.

Can I leave my diving equipment at the diving center?

There is enough storage space for clients' diving equipment in the dive center, which is locked when the dive center is closed.

What payment options do I have?

We accept cash, EC and credit card payments. For card payments we charge a surcharge of 3%. In case of pre-booking there is also the possibility of bank transfer.

What are the opening hours of the diving center?

During the early and late season the opening hours of our dive center vary. We recommend our customers to inquire about these shortly before arrival, as well as the best time window for a check-in.

When do I have to be there to dive?

At the check in we always explain the diving procedure and our premises at the base. When we give the time for the next day's trip, we ask you to be on time. Which also means not to be there too early, because we have to prepare the vehicles and logistics before the trips.

How big are the groups for courses?

We teach in groups up to a maximum of 4 students per instructor. Children (between 8 to 10 years) diving we teach in a ratio of one child per instructor.

What specialty courses can you recommend for diving in Malta?

Deep diving, diving with Nitrox, wreck diving and scooter / DPV diving.

What languages are taught in?

We offer introductory diving and diving courses in German, English and French.

Can I study the theory for my diving course already at home?

With the registration or booking of a diving course, we also activate you for the associated online theory at SSI (www.DiveSSI.com). So you can read it at home without stress and have more time for practice, fun and relaxation on vacation.

I have a diving license but have not dived for a long time. Is this a problem?

For divers who have had a longer break from diving or who feel insecure, we offer special refresher dives in small groups.

I have never dived before. Should I still book a whole diving course right away?

For curious candidates who have never dived before, we offer special "taster programs". We recommend you to participate in such a program before you book a full course. The open water dive from the introductory program on site with us can then also be credited to your diving course here. We will be happy to advise you individually.



Where is the best place to book my accommodation for my diving vacation?

Our diving center is located in the very north of the island of Malta at the LABRANDA Riviera Hotel and Spa. Of course, this is the optimal and most comfortable place for short distances to and from diving and plenty of time for relaxation afterwards. Otherwise, we offer free pick-up to and from diving for all accommodations in the Mellieha area. This must of course be coordinated with us in advance and confirmed by us.



Do I need a medical certificate for diving in Malta?

For divers over the age of 60 years, we require a diving fitness certificate from a doctor. Basically, we recommend every diver to be examined for diving fitness at least once a year. Up to the age of 40 we accept certificates that are not older than two years; after the age of 40 the certificate must not be older than one year. Generally, every diver must fill out a medical self-disclosure form when checking in with us. As long as the diver has no medical history, such as chronic diseases, surgeries, regular medication and can answer all questions in the self-disclosure with a clear NO, no further certificate is mandatory (under 60 years).

What do I have to pay special attention to when diving in Malta?

- Be sure to drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) fluids, preferably water, before, during and after diving.
- Always stay with your buddy team and never dive alone.
- Dive only when you feel fit, especially not when sick, even with a cold.
- Never dive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
- Always dive within your personal limits and level of training. Do not be pressured by "peer pressure".
- Dive within decompression limits.
- Follow the instructions of your instructor or dive guide. He knows the conditions on site and the safest way in and out of the water - and of course during the dive.
- You should not dive for at least 18 hours before your return flight. Please note that every diver has a different constitution and you should plan more time if necessary. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Is there a decompression chamber in Malta?

A decompression chamber is available at Mater Dei Hospital in Msida. Depending on traffic, the travel time from our dive center is 25 to 35 minutes. All our instructors have all emergency numbers ready and are trained for an emergency.

Can I buy a diving accident insurance on site?